Canton of Zurich > Thalheim an der Thur


The village of Thalheim an der Thur (which is not directly on the Thur at all) was originally called Dorlikon. This name is attributed to an Alemanni named Torilo, who is said to have founded the settlement in the 7th century. But the people of Dorlikon were always laughed at because the name sounded too much like Tor in the sense of obtuse idiot, which is said to have led to fisticuffs on more than one occasion. The cantonal government of Zurich therefore approved the change of name to Thalheim an der Thur in 1878, but the original name Dorlikon is still known, at least in the area.

In 1862, the first bridge over the Thur was built in the suburb of G├╝tighausen. Just 14 years later it was swept away by the floods and only rebuilt three years later. In 1875, the Winterthur-Etzwilen railway line was opened, bringing the community of Thalheim into the world.