Majorca > Manacor & Porto Cristo

Manacor is a town and municipality on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, part of the Spanish autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. It is the third biggest municipalitiy in Majorca. The origin of the town of Manacor goes back to the times before the Islamic dominance. The submarine discoveries of objects found in Porto Cristo show that it was a Roman port. The remains of the basilicas of sa Carrotja and son Peretó prove the existence of well-established Christian communities.

In 1879 the railroad line from Inca to Manacor was opened. About 1890 the construction of the new parish church Nostra Senyora dels Dolors began, located on the same place as the former churches. The most ancient of them had been documented in 1232 and had possibly been built upon an Arab mosque. The bell tower of the present church, an emblem of the town, measures 75 metres. In 1897 the first factory of artificial pearls, the famous Majorica, was founded. So Manacor became the business and industrial centre of Llevant. In 1912 Manacor received the title of town.

It has tourist areas like Porto Cristo, site of the famous Caves of Drach, and Calas de Mallorca. Manacor has one of the busiest street markets on the island, held every Monday morning. Manacor is famous for furniture manufacture and artificial pearls.



Porto Cristo’s main tourist attractions are two sets of caves, the Coves del Drach and the Coves dels Hams

Porto Cristo the name is believed to mean “The Port of Christ” The name is from history which states that way back in 1260 AD at the time of the Christian invasion of the Mallorca island, A fishing boat was found washed up on the beach containing a Crucifix . Legend has is that an Oxen was carrying an icon of God through the Town and the Oxen stopped and refused to walk anymore. Hence the people saw this as a sign and the name was derived from that belief it was a clear sign that Christ wanted to be here. Porto Cristo still maintains its Spanish fishing village features. Its larger Municipal Manacor is the centre of the pearl manufacturing industry on Mallorca.


Porto Cristo Harbour is a natural Harbour which still homes the small fishing boats and gives shelter from any storms, The addition in recent years of the New Marina now homes the high end pleasure boats. The mix of the new and the old has been done tastefully as the Porto Cristo method is of ensuring it retains its Heritage. Porto Cristo is a quiet town perfect for a stroll along the main front or a romantic meal overlooking the breathtaking ocean . Crime is rare in Porto Cristo and it has a very active police presence ensuring it retains its reputation as a safe place to Holiday or visit on the island.