Luxury Vineyards and Cellars (Wineries)

We offer mansions with personal vineyards in Mallorca, Navarra and other places in Europe, as well as overseas.


Perhaps you may be interested in your own wine project or further developing your house. In this case, we would like to introduce you to a property in Mallorca, an island that is known for its exquisite wine. Rather you prefer to invest in an exclusive hotel with restaurant and with an excellent vineyard in Navarra.


Or are you looking for an attractive real estate investment? There are hotels and shopping  centers in major cities within and outside of Europe, and income properties at preferred locations…


At overseas, in Chile to be concrete, we have a high interesting offer. Did you know that in this country plantations and vineyards arise a high performance. Worthy of mention is the outstanding quality of its wines. A quality offering which also appeals to investment companies.


Our multilingual team will gladly assist you in finding, buying, and selling your dream home. We have experienced partners in various countries and destinations in whom you can trust.


We wish you a pleasant visit of our real estate portal and look forward to hearing from you.