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Location description

Wiesendangen lies adjacent to the north-east of the city of Winterthur. The municipality consists of flat agricultural areas and small, wooded hills with vineyards on the southern slopes. The village centre is flowed through by the Wiesenbach, as the Riedbach is called at its headwaters, and drains about half of the municipality’s area.

The outer wards of Attikon, Buch, Menzengrüt, Bertschikon, Oberbertschikon, Gundetswil, Meisberg, Liebensberg, Gündlikon, Zünikon, Stegen, Bewangen, Sammelsgrüt and Kefikon also belong to the municipality.

The village was first mentioned in documents in 804.

In the 20th century Wiesendangen developed from a farming village into a residential community in the Winterthur agglomeration.