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The canton of Zurich is one of the traditionally Reformed cantons, since the city of Zurich, under Zwingli’s leadership, adopted the Reformation and enforced it throughout its subject territory. This made the canton the first Reformed place in Switzerland. Historical exceptions are the parish of Dietikon (assigned in 1803 when the canton of Baden was dissolved) and the formerly Catholic monastery village of Rheinau (also assigned in 1803 to replace the loss of Stein am Rhein and Dörflingen).

As a result of strong immigration (Zurich as an economic centre) and increasing non-denominationalism, the canton is now multi-religious; none of the communities has an absolute majority any more. The Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich is recognised under public law, as have the Roman Catholic Body of the Canton of Zurich since 1963 and the cantonal parish of the Christ Catholic Church of Switzerland, and, on the basis of the new cantonal constitution since 2005, two of Zurich’s Jewish communities, whereas others have preferred to remain under private law.

At the end of 2019, the canton of Zurich had a population of around 1,536,400.



The official language of the canton is German. The colloquial language is Swiss German or its local variant, Zurich German.

Source: Wikipedia.org